letters from home

We've lived here for about 8 months now, and AJ has finally made his way to the Law Enforcement Academy. He's gone some days and home some. I'm always a little afraid to go into detail about personal things because I'm paranoid like that. He's in and out of town though.
So, of course, we miss him when he's gone.

When he came home last, Si was stupid happy. Literally. I don't know if you've ever been stupid happy (I have), but basically it's when you're so happy that you feel all bubbly inside, have absolutely no control over your facial expression, and start acting like a fool because you have no idea what else to do.
Si was randomly grooving to pretend music, demonstrating ninja skills, and throwing himself face first onto the carpet in excitement. I have never seen him come to life like that. He was radiating love for "Dada".

Then there's this.

"Dear Dad, I hope you feel good."

Charlotte has declared that she will make Daddy a letter everyday that he is gone then give them to him when he gets back.

"Dad, Happy Easter. I heart you! I learned how to do the fireman pole."

Forget that Easter is well past by now. She has been terrified of the fireman pole for a while, but last time we were at the park she worked up the nerve to slide down it. Then she did it again. Fifty times.

"Let your light shine."

(She was unassisted in writing these, and they're surprisingly legible for a five year old. As her teacher, I'm feeling very satisfied with her spelling.) I found all three of these notes folded about eight times over into little squares and carefully piled on AJ's night stand. She wrote them all today.
Three notes in one day.
That's love guys.