a little something positive

I'm seeing a lot of negativity on Facebook (I know, I know).
I despise it. Facebook, I despise you. But I love you too. I'm not ready to break up with your negative self.
I hate myself for loving you.

In lieu of my negative attitude that I allowed Facebook to impose on me, I'd like to tell you about some things I love in a completely random order. Let's turn this boat around.

Cooking shows.
I love cooking shows. Specifically MasterChef. I could totally win MasterChef because I am an amazing home cook.
Excepting the potato soup I scorched tonight. It happens to the best of us.

These kids.
My little arrows. I love them forever.
They make my day.
They make me crazy.
Josiah right now- he can destroy the house in ten minutes flat. He can climb onto the table. He can open doors and try to run away. He will most definitely play in the toilet if I forget to put the gate up. For real.
I have to be vigilant.

I love their wildness. Wild thing, you make my heart sing.
I love them more than cooking shows for sure, but not more than my children.
Someday, I will live in them, and there will be at least 5 acres between me and my neighbors. And we'll have horses and cows and chickens and a garden. The kids will have a fabulous tree fort and a creek to splash in. And they'll ride their bikes in the road because it will be ours too.
They'll never want to leave and we'll live happily ever after.

You know what else?
I love this very attractive sheriff deputy.

I'm kinda liking this uniform thing.



The fall rains have finally come, giving us a break from the abnormally hot September weather and there's nothing sweeter than some sleepy cuddles on a rainy day.

Just loverly.