so it has come to this

I was in Pilgrim's buying vitamins for AJ, and the lady in front of me was unloading her cart and gushing to the cashier about all the organic, healthy foods she was so excited to eat. Specifically the organic greens. She just felt that they were so appropriate for spring and super duper healthy too. And hello? Organic.
I thought to myself, "This is the lady that keeps posting pictures to Instagram of her Trader Joe's shopping cart."

This is what growing up does to us.
We used to be excited about things like going to summer camp or seeing a special someone on Friday night. But now? Now we're gushing on about organic greens in Pilgrims and taking pictures of our food to post on social media. Some of us get all worked up over new cloth diapers (you know who you are). Some of us feel accomplished because our kids actually want kale for a midday snack (not mine).  Personally, I will talk curricula with you way after your eyes glaze over.
You want to know what really gets me talking? Homeschool methods. Baking bread. Sale prices.
I have to shake my head at myself every time I say things like,"I used to really like to coupon for free stuff before we moved." Or when I hear myself debating the merits of a minivan vs. a suburban.

Parenthood turns us into our parents and I'm finding that there's a very good reason for that.
We didn't have to be passionate about healthy eating or education or safety or thriftiness when we were kids, because that's the parents job. We are the buffers. We are the reason that the kids can just be kids.

Today I was talking to the children about something important, but they don't know how important it is. It's indifference. I was talking to them about the dangers of indifference. I was trying really hard not to be preachy or wax eloquent, but just to put a little food for thought in their heads. A short conversation. That if we're indifferent to the wrong around us, we will be the reason wrong prevails. I could tell my oldest was paying just enough attention to appease me, but was bored out of her mind with the conversation. Just like I was at her age. "Nod and smile. Nod and smile. She has to be almost done." Oh, the irony.

This is my new motto. I break it out whenever the irony hits.

We are all our parents. It is destined to be. And all that annoying nagging and protectiveness is good for kids.

I just want to say to my dad, I get it. Thank you, and I finally get it.


ninja cowboy

This picture embodies the fun that is having little boys running around underfoot.